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I dont know, Uri just lost his job, and while the thought of a new baby is exciting, how will I feed another child?

   Naomi, 32, Petach Tikvah

* * *

The day I arrived home from the hospital, EFRAT sent over a complete layette- all in light blue- with everything I could possibly need. They didnt forget a thing!

   Yael, 30, Kiryat Shmoneh

* * *

I hope you continue in your work. I hope we will soon get back on our feet financially, so we can help other families in our situation. You literally saved us! My Yonatan smiles at me every morning, and it is also a smile for you. Thank you for everything you send us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

   Kayla and Yonatan, Ashkelon

* * *

"My story begins two years ago,
I met a guy and got pregnant, both our families
pressured me to have an abortion.
I would lying awake in my bed month after, dreaming about the
operation room and reliving that terrible moment.
After a while, I met a new guy and told him the story, he was
very supportive and a few months later I found myself at
the same spot, pregnant.
Again everyone tried to convince me but this time
I had Yardan, the EFRAT volunteer by my side to
help me carry on with it.
Now I have my beloved baby with me!
If it wasn't for EFRAT who were the only ones who understood
the value of the life of a newborn I would have made
that terrible mistake again, thanks EFRAT and their donors
G-D bless you all"

   Anat, 25, Ramat Gan

* * *

"thank you for being there my two twins are alive because of you and I wish I was able to help you save more children"

   Dana, 36, Jerusalem