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Letter from the Efrat Chairman

Dear Friends,

Letter from the Efrat Chairman As the president of EFRAT for over 30 years, I can tell you that I have the most satisfying job in the world. I initially became a surgeon because I wanted to save lives, but the work I do here at EFRAT, voluntarily, is infinitely more satisfying. We are saving more lives than I could ever have dreamed of saving as a doctor. In all the years that I have been doing this, never has a mother told me she has regretted having her baby.

I am very pleased that Crib Canada has been established and is working closely with us. Friends, we appeal to you to save lives of unborn children in Israel. The cost of saving one life is just $1,200. Our sages tell us, "Saving a life is equal to saving the entire world." Save a world today. Save lives for the future of the Jewish People.

Dr. Schussheim, President of Efrat

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